Are you student at San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay or Pacific Beach High Schools? Do you have an idea for a program, project, activity or strategy that would improve your high school experience? Through this year’s Fund-4-Students grants, the San Luis Coastal Education Foundation is looking to support innovative students ideas that answer the question,

“What can we do to make our school a better place where students want to be and learn?”

Applications are due by midnight on Sunday, November 10, 2019.

Before you apply:

1. Make sure that your proposal has been discussed and approved by your site administration.

2. Note that you cannot save your application as a working draft. It is recommended that you prepare your draft responses in a separate document and then copy/paste the final proposal into this application.

Applicant Information

Name *
What is the best way to contact you? *
Phone *
Briefly describe the need or opportunity your idea addresses. What have you seen or experienced that makes you believe this idea will make a difference? How would this idea benefit students? What about this idea is creative or innovative?
Briefly describe any project partners, collaborators and school support involved in the implementation of your idea.
Briefly describe the students who are the focus of your idea. How will you use this project to effectively engage this group and achieve a positive outcome? Why do you believe your approach will work?
Briefly describe how you would measure or evaluate whether your idea had the expected impact.
Identify the costs that you anticipate being associated with your project. For example, what materials or supplies does your proposal require? Are these one-time or ongoing costs?