Dream big! Be creative! Inspire students! This is your chance to accomplish projects you may have never thought were possible.

San Luis Coastal Education Foundation is looking for “big ideas” that can have a long-term impact on learning, and if proven effective at one school site have the potential to be replicated across other classrooms and campuses.

Applications are due by midnight on Sunday, August 25, 2019.

Before you apply:

1. Make sure that your proposal has been discussed and approved by your site administration.

2. Note that you cannot save your application as a working draft. It is recommended that you prepare your draft responses in a separate document and then copy/paste the final proposal into this application.

Applicant Information

Name *
Phone *
Briefly describe the issue or opportunity your proposal seeks to impact. What about this idea is creative or innovative? Is this an idea that, if successful, could be replicated elsewhere?
Briefly describe any project partners, collaborators and staff support involved in the implementation of your idea.
Briefly describe who in our educational community (e.g. 3rd graders, English-language learners, math teachers, school counselors, socioeconomically disadvantaged students, etc.) is the focus of your project. How will you use this project to effective engage this group and achieve a positive outcome? Why do you believe your approach will work?
Briefly describe your expected outcome, why this outcome matters, and how the impact of your project might be shown. Examples of successful outcomes might include increased student achievement as measured by specific assessments, increased engagement by target student groups in priority programs or activities, enhanced collaboration amongst teachers, deeper integration of technology into instructional design, etc. [NOTE: The Foundation may provide additional support in the design and implementation strategy for project evaluation.]
Identify the costs that you anticipate being associated with your project. For example, what materials does your proposal require? Does your proposal involve transportation, new technologies, sub days, etc? When possible, estimate the specific costs you expect for each item.
Has this proposal been discussed with and approved by your site administration? *